How To Plan a Pool Party Outfit Around a Bathing Suit

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s nearly time for pool parties and all of your favorite summer activities. From simple BBQ gatherings to backyard swimming and so much more, there’s plenty to enjoy during the warmer seasons. And let’s not forget summer vacations at the beach and hanging out around the pool. When you want to beat the heat, the pool is the place to be, right?

It’s time to pull back those sliding deck pool covers, get the pool water cleaned out, and pull out the poolside toys and furniture into the play area. Invite the neighbors and friends over to help you open the pool for the season.

When you head on over to the pool party, you need an outfit that will accommodate your swimsuit but still allow you to be clothed when you aren’t in the pool. Check out these tips for planning your pool party outfit.

One-Piece Swimsuits

Choosing an outfit to pair with your one-piece suit can be more challenging. If you need to use the bathroom, you have to be able to easily pull down your suit to do so. This makes something like cute denim and a shirt more of a nuisance than it’s really worth. But don’t count it out. You can do several different things to accommodate a cute outfit with this swimsuit.

First, you could simply wear a spring or summer dress. While it’s still a layer over your swimsuit, it’s much easier to maneuver and it’s easy to take off and on when you’re ready to swim as well. A light dress won’t make you feel too warm. Plus, they’re cute and comfy all at the same time.

With a one-piece suit, you could also just grab a skirt or some linen pants and pair them with your suit. The swimsuit can also double as a top.

Two-Piece Swimsuits

Pairing outfits with a two-piece suit is a lot easier. For women, it’s much like wearing your regular undergarments. You just want to be mindful of things that will be easy to wear with a swimsuit. Grab a pair of high rise white jeans and pair it up with a crop top or tank top. White jeans are a staple for the summertime. And a high rise pair can be flattering on plenty of body types.

Another great option might be your favorite summer shorts, paired with a cute summer tank, and some swim-friendly sandals. Don’t forget that you could easily turn to a summer dress, a swimsuit cover-up, or a skirt as well.

One really cute idea for a two-piece swimsuit outfit might be a romper. These are comfy and easy to pull on. You will even be able to take it on or off easily when you’re ready to go swimming.

Men’s Suits

Pool party outfits involving menswear is usually much easier. The most common suit is a simple pair of swim shorts. This can easily just be paired with their favorite summer t-shirt. Even if you want to dress up the outfit a bit more, you can choose a nice shirt that coordinates with the swim shorts.

If you prefer to wear a speedo or some other type of suit, you can always pull on a pair of light-colored shorts over your suit and pair that with a simple summer t-shirt as well.

Water-Friendly Shoes

Shoes are the final piece to any outfit. You’re going to be around water and chances are your feet will get wet even if you take them off before you swim. It’s just the nature of the pool. Every area is a wet zone. So, make sure to choose water-friendly shoes. You can have a great pool party outfit and still have shoes that won’t get ruined or soggy.

Try flip-flops or shoes that are made with water-friendly materials. Enjoy your summer party!

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