How to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Fashion Brand

If you have a fashion brand and want to start building your following, YouTube is a great way to do so. Creating an online presence is the first step in the marketing process, and this can be done through social media such as Instagram or Facebook. On the other hand, with YouTube, you can post for all of your customers to see and learn about your company.

Why Do People Watch YouTube Videos?

YouTube videos are also called “vlogs.” Individuals or brands often use these vlogs to share their life or business information. In some cases, this means sharing tutorials on how they went about creating a product. For example, a brand that makes boots might do a vlog about how they go about crafting boots for their customers. As a result, the customer learns about the process, and the brand gets some publicity.

 In other cases, vlogs tell some aspect of the person’s life. For example, the individual might discuss their interests, hobbies, or anything related to them personally. Both of these types of vlogs can be used for fashion brands! If you want to share information about your business, you can create tutorials showing people how you make your products.

Define the Important Aspects – Who you are & What You want to Target?

Vlogs are a great way to spread information about a fashion brand. If you’re just getting started and you want people to know who you are, creating a vlog is one way to do so. This can be especially useful if your company is new or has recently undergone changes. Another reason this can be beneficial is to promote yourself as the authority on a particular topic or in general. 

For example, if your business sells cowboy boots and just started making boots for women, you may want to produce a video for youtube showing how they make their women’s boots different from their men’s boots.

Identify Your style: The “WHO YOU ARE.”  

For any of these reasons, it’s a good idea to create a channel to spread information. You can use this channel to let people know who you are and what you want to offer them. You can also use this channel to let people know your customer base and what type of information you want to share.

Make a Channel That You Can Control

Feedback and interaction are essential features of any channel. This means that you need to put forth some effort into making your videos entertaining, engaging, and unique from other videos in the same niche. You can do this by creating content related to things in your life that are unique about you or about the way that you do something or the items (or products) that you sell.

Identifying Your Target Market

Once you’ve identified who you are and the type of people that will be interested in what you have to offer, do some research! First, check out Pinterest for images related to the topic that interests your brand. Next, identify influencers like bloggers or YouTubers within the same niche market as yours.

Draw up a Summary of Primary Information that You Would Like to Provide.

You want to make sure that the content you produce is shareable and engaging. Make sure that your videos are concise and to the point and tell a story. People will want to watch your videos, so make sure that you have content on the channel on the regular.

Uniformity Is Significant: Create a Style Guide

If you have more than one type of clothing or product to offer, then you’ll want to create a style guide. You do not want your clothes and products to look different in each video! This hazard can leave viewers confused, or worse, turned off. Having a style guide will also help people know what’s being offered; it will make it easier for people to follow the brand and purchase the products they see on the channel.

Performance Is Better: Create a “What I Was Thinking” video

To make sure that your videos look as exciting and engaging as possible, do some research about what you’re talking about and make sure that you know the basics. You can then incorporate this knowledge into the video instead of just stating information.

Promotion: About Your Content

One of the most complex parts of producing good content is getting your video seen. Of 

course, you want to make sure that it’s being shared, but you also need people to see it to create a following. Here are some ideas on how you can get your videos out there:

Create a YouTube channel that is related to something relevant to the brand. You will want this channel name and email address visible at the end of each video in your track. These will help people know where they can find more videos about you and learn about your products.

Link your YouTube channel with any social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that your brand runs. This may be a brand account or an individual product account. Either way, you want to get people to follow you on YouTube when they are following you elsewhere.

Post your videos to Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #YouTube and #YouTuber and #FashionBlogger for fashion brands. Tip: Search for fashion bloggers and brands on Instagram and Facebook to see how they tag their content and then model your tags after theirs!

Tips and Tricks: For Your Fashion Brand

  1.   Create a Google+ page for your fashion brand attached to your company’s email address.

  2. When you have a new video, create a blog post for it in your website’s blog section. Then, you can share the link using the same methods to announce your channel (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

  3.  Use a YouTube channel title that is short but memorable. Ideally, your title is short, unique, and refers to your brand. For example, My Brand of the Week has a catchy name, so people easily remember the link.

  4.   Add a couple of related images that remind visitors of your brand, and add a short description. If you have time, add an intro that introduces what you have to offer and why it’s relevant. 

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