10 Halloween Makeup Looks You Need to Try

Halloween is synonymous with strange makeup and out-of-the-box costumes that are guaranteed to bring on the spooky spirit. So, you cannot think of celebrating Halloween without deciding what to wear and how to decorate your face in keeping with your overall look.

The best part about dressing up for Halloween is that you only need to be creative as most makeovers can be done simply by using eye shadow, eye liner, highlighter and lipstick that you already own. For those keen to buy new cosmetics for trying out quirky designs, a Lime Crime coupon may prove to be very advantageous.

10 Halloween Makeup Looks:

  1. Wonder Woman Halloween Look:

    You will simply need to make the iconic head piece using some gold pigment and get eyeliner for making the smooth lines, a gold eye-shadow pigment, and a small eye-shadow brush for painting the base shape of your headpiece.
  2. Fairy Look:

    If you want a low-effort but a cute look for Halloween, a fairy look can never go wrong. The makeup for this costume is likely to be glittery and intricate, but the hairdo is easy. You can create a Tinker bell-like top knot and use some starrytinsel to pull this look off.
  3. Leopard Halloween Look:

    When you do not want to apply intricate makeup all over your face you can consider dressing up as a leopard. You will need some leopard spots on both sides of your face; to do this, a creamy eye-liner works well. You may also add a few whiskers and paint the nose to complete this look.
  4. Mermaid Halloween Look:

    For this you need fishnet tights, blue and green eye shadow, highlighter and teal eye-liner, gold eye-shadow, mascara, and you will have nailed this look. Rather than drawing the mermaid scales by hand, you can save time by pressing a pigmented eye-shadow through the fishnet tights.
  5. High Fashion Harlequin:

    You can create an attractive harlequin clown look by using your favorite eye-shadow colors and applying color over the cheeks and eyes. You may need 3 shades of purple eye-shadows, striking lilac hues to make the sculpting cheeks and iridescent glitters.
  6. Cracked Ventriloquist’s Doll Look:

    You have to find a whimsical floral dress preferably, knee-high socks and maybe a classic Mary Jane pair to complete the look, pin curls, attractive bows to adorn the hair, a quirky hat, pink sparkles or naked manicure on the nails, or even a creepy black nail polish for the eerie effect.
  7. Corpse Bride:

    For the fans of the cult classic Corpse Bride by Tim Burton, the corpse bride Halloween look is by far the best choice, and easy to emulate. The gorgeous yet creepy, exaggerated blue eyes of the character is a sure hit and this look is the perfect option for someone who is not looking for a regular no-frills Halloween costume.
  8. Dragon Eyes:

    This look is suited for those not eager to have a full face make-up for Halloween as it involves a minimal eye makeup. You may need to use actual paint brushes to get the precise look, and magenta and white face paint, with bronze, gold and black shades for doing the eye makeup.
  9. Contoured Skeleton:

    You can get this look easily with an excellent coloring palette and liquid eye-liner. Whether you want to be a zombie, a skeleton, or a werewolf, achieving this look is simple. You must only invest in some heavy eye-liner and black eye-shadow to carve out the cheekbones and darken the eyes for the perfect zombie look.
  10. Giraffe Halloween Look:

    While the spots may appear to be time-consuming, in reality they are not and you can simply make some sponges by hand to get the look. You need to cut these makeup sponges and make these double up as stamps for creating the giraffe prints. You can tuck the hair into two small buns to give the appearance of giraffe horns.

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