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What types of hairstyle you need to try for your wedding

Ranging from braids to waves, every bride gets that fretting feeling when it comes to choosing their wedding hairstyle. As part of your overall look, this needs loads of keenness.

Be it boho or retro look, you can do it either yourself or work together with your stylist. While you think about your hair – let us check your done paper with wedding vows and make it perfect.

To avoid the last-minute rush, do this in advance and get your hair worked on at least a week before the wedding day. Rearrange your regimen so that you can wash and deep condition your hair early enough for the best results.

Some quick tips to remember include getting your hair accessories early enough and avoid going for extreme hairstyles.

Long Waves Wedding Hairstyle                    

This hairstyle compliments several classic wedding gowns and will make you feel like a princess. To add waves on your long cascading hair, secure it with bobby pins then mist for about 20 minutes.

To maintain the curls, use a holding spray and avoid brushing. For an enhanced look, braid bits of your hair from all sides then secure the braids together.

Updo Braids Wedding Hairstyle

For a more formal or casual yet classic look, then the updo braids wedding style will do the trick. Don’t worry it is less complicated than it sounds.

To do it, take two small quantities of your hair from the front section and knot them at the crown. Tie two more sections to this knot while moving it up and under. Repeat this for the rest of your hair and that’s it.

Crimping Your Wedding Hairstyle

As a throwback from the 80s, crimping compliments well the retro type wedding style. Plus it gives any style that extra edge and does not need any additional ornaments to stand out.

To pull it off, wet your hair with a styling spray first then blow-dry it for texture before separating it into sections for crimping. Now crimp the different sections from below then style it however you like.

Boho Wedding Hairstyle

If you are a naturalist then you will love the boho hairstyle, as it looks natural. This wedding hairstyle is just perfect for an outdoor wedding as it resonates well with open azure skies and sunshine.

To get it right, just blow-dry your damp hair, head down, with a round brush to create random loose waves. When done, apply a light spray and you have a boho. Just remember not to brush through it and retouch it with any of your favorite accessories.

Classic Chignon

The chignon is designed to make you look elegant and prevents your hair from being windblown.

Start by applying mousse to your dry hair, clip the top section, create waves at the bottom using a curling wand, texturize each strand for volume, and finally collect the hair at your neck’s nape before pinning it under and accessorizing it.

Retro Hair – The Marilyn Factor

Marilyn’s trademark curls made this hot hairdo style more popular and desirable among many brides. Unlike the others, make curls with rollers on your freshly washed hair then apply hairspray liberally right after brushing or finger combing.

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