How to Stay Warm in Winter 2020 Fashions

Apparently, 2020 hasn’t been “cold” enough because, with all of the chilling ups and downs that have blown in this year, we can also expect another polar vortex come wintertime for some parts of the world. 

The weather may not be ideal for some of your lighter winter wear items, but don’t let the forecast freeze your plans to be fashionable. 

Ready to learn how to stay warm and stylish this year? Keep reading for a few helpful tips!

How to Stay Warm Outside: Warm Up With the Right Winter Coat

Get ready because faux-fur will be seen everywhere this year! In an effort to liven things up and bring a bit of positivity using the color wheel, fashion distributors are making faux-fur coats in bright fun colors. 

If bright faux-fur isn’t your thing, go for a traditional animal print. Try opting out of the more popularized faux-leopard for white faux- tiger stripes, or a spotty lynx pattern. 

Shearling and leather combine well on the right winter coat. Make the transition from fall to winter with a dark chocolate, waist-length leather coat, outlined with traces of shearling. 

Choose Your Boots Wisely

Grab your favorite pair of jeans and shove them into a pair of leather over the knee boots. If there are any arguments about whether or not leather can keep you warm, you’ve probably haven’t found the right pair of winter high leather boots.

The trick to getting away with leather boots in the wintertime is finding the perfect pair of socks. When purchasing boots for the winter, try to go a size or two up. This will allow you to wear thicker jeans, knitted tights, and more than one pair of socks.  

Also, try finding thigh-high lace-up boots that have a warm and cozy lining. Or, search for faux-fur calf boots with a slip-resistant sole.    

Colors, Prints, and Textures

It’s time to begin switching out those thin leggings for thicker fabrics, and nothing screams “warm me up” like quilted cloth and fuzzy cardigans. Lay hold onto toastier colors such as buttery yellows, rich tans, and chocolate or hazelnut browns.

Additionally, any items with patchwork are definitely a shoo-in for a warmer 2020 winter wardrobe.

Try cutting random holes into a pair of jeans, and sew a few random patches of fabric over a few of the holes, then wear a pair of thick quilted tights or leggings underneath to get an easier patchy look. 

Lastly, layer, layer LAYER! Layering can add a bit of dimension to your look. You can layer between colors, prints, and certain textures to get a stylish yet effortless design. 

Stop Searching for How to Stay Warm and Voguish

 When searching for how to stay warm in winter, or how to stay warm in cold weather in general, you should never have to sacrifice your own personal sense of style.

Being cold doesn’t mean you have to be fashionably boring. So have fun this year! Save your sweats and baggy t-shirts for the gym and start shopping! Feel warm after reading this article? Check out our blog for more informative fashion tips. 

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