How Fashion Nova Celebrated Pride Month in 2021

Fashion Nova, a global fast-fashion brand, is known for its commitment to giving back to the community it serves by recognizing and engaging in various celebrations and events. Recently, this fashion house expressed its support and appreciation for its LGBTQ+ customers by celebrating Pride month.

June marks the LGBTQ+ Pride month, which is a time when this community and its allies are celebrated. In 2021, Fashion Nova was among the top fashion brands that celebrated pride month.

So, as we all know, Fashion Nova is always a step ahead and has always set the bar high for its competitors, and the pride month celebrations were not different. Instead of focusing solely on producing outfits with beautiful rainbow themes to celebrate pride and having crazy sales offers, this Los Angeles-based fashion brand had something exciting for the LGBTQ+ community.

Fashion Nova invited their LGBTQ+ members Gia Gunn, Jose Jimenez, and Bri Martinez, to celebrate the pride month with some education, fun, and hilarious pride-themed games.

Here’s how these celebrations went down.

Tipsy Tea Time

This pride-themed game was all about getting tipsy in a fun way. Everything in this game had a touch of rainbow colors, from the shots that featured different rainbow colors, to pride-themed wigs and face beats.

The participants played a fun game called Purr or Pass, where whoever responded to the questions with a pass was required to take a shot.

Gia Gunn takes the floor and asks questions. So, watch this exciting game here to see who gets tipsy between Jose Jimenez and Bri Martinez.

It’s a tea party like no other! A tipsy tea party! You can also try this game with a few of your friends as a way of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

Show Off Your Makeup With Pride

Fashion Nova partnered with one of its members, Jose Jimenez, who is a makeup enthusiast. Through this fun and educative game, Jose played with Maven makeup products, showing makeup prowess skills that produced a pride-themed look. Maven makeup is one of the top-selling beauty products on Fashion Nova.

This game offers you an opportunity to play with your favorite makeup palette. So, pull your seat and learn how to pull out a perfect prideful beat from the comfort of your home.

You can watch this makeup video here to learn a few makeup tricks from the pro, Jose. Picture this, pairing your prideful beat with pride-themed outfits, such a perfect combo for celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, right?

What’s in the Box?

This is another hilarious game that Fashion Nova organized for its LGBTQ+ members.

It’s more about revealing what’s inside a box, and it appears challenging for the participants. Their responses are out of this world; they will shock you; so, you may need your earphones or headphones for this.

All the participants have a touch of pride themes, from their outfits to their makeup. Also, the items used in the game bear pride themes. Such a prideful guessing game!

This game beats any guessing game you’ve ever played. Watch it here and laugh your lungs out!

Through these games, Fashion Nova shows that celebrating the LGBTQ+ community involves more than just the pride-themed outfits; there’re plenty of unexploited modes of celebration.

Again Fashion Nova breaks the record by setting the bar high for its competitors as it has always done when it comes to supporting the community through different initiatives.

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