Fashionable Gift Items For Your Fashion Lover Brother

A brother is a partner in crime as he saves you from getting scolded and helps you get out to party with your friends. Well, the relationship between siblings works like a give and take formula, but the love always remains on top.

If you have a brother who is into fashion, then you must adore his love with your gifting gesture. And here are the gift items to complement his fashion freakiness.

Quirky Print Leather Sunglasses Case

Every single thing that we carry along tells something about our styling sense and adds to our style statement. Your brother surely has more than two pairs of sunglasses in the accessories collection if he is truly a fashion freak. And if that’s right, you can choose to surprise him with a sunglasses case. Leather sunglasses cases having hand-painted quirky designs are in trend and look so aesthetic when someone carries it in hand.

Jumbo Print T-Shirt

Talking about a fashionable guy and mentioning t-shirts is like a sin. And we can bet that your brother has a heap of t-shirts in his wardrobe. Jumbo print t-shirts are new in trend, and they look super cool. As the name suggests, these t-shirts have a single character or slogan spread all over the front or the back. If you don’t get jumbo t-shirts in the market, then you can try online clothing websites.

Fashionable Rakhi

With your creativity and thoughtfulness, you can hit two targets with one arrow. And we fit the phrase into the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Being a sister, you look for a perfect rakhi for your brother every year. So this time, you should adore his fashion love by tying a fashionable rakhi. You might not find a perfect one in the market, and so it is better to buy it from an online gift store that provides online rakhi delivery in India. You can pick a bracelet made of gold or silver as rakhi to surprise him on the festive occasion.

White Sneakers

It doesn’t matter whether he has a pair of white sneakers or not; he will definitely love to have a new pair of plain white sneakers. The best thing about white sneakers is that they complement every type of outfit and even make a fashion statement and a men’s suit. Make sure you buy a pair of branded sneakers so that there is no compromise on quality and comfort.

Hair Care Kit

You can call it a universal fact that our hair does play an important role in our fashion sense. And one can only afford to have different types of hairstyles if there is proper care of hairs. Boys don’t pay much attention to such things but are a good sister; you know its importance. So, you can try surprising your brother by gifting him a proper hair care kit. You can also help him in making cool new hairstyles every time he steps out.


As we said earlier, every single accessory that we carry adds a bit to our style statement; a backpack is also one of them. Usually, people don’t pay much attention to the design and appeal of a backpack, and that’s a mistake for every fashion lover. When hung on shoulders, a backpack becomes a part of the body, and a bad looking backpack can ruin the overall look. You can save your brother from committing such a mistake by gifting him a cool backpack. The print on the backpack must match his personality. A black leather backpack of the best quality is the best choice.

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