Career Opportunities in Fashion Business

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, especially in Australia, where the fashion industry is expected to reach $11,122m in 2022. The fashion industry is a vast space with opportunities for everyone. A career in fashion is always in high demand.

What makes it even more rewarding is having a fashion degree that could open endless gates for you. Be it in the apparel industry, retail, journalism, or styling—the options are never-ending!

If you’re considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Business, this article will help you find the many career opportunities in this field.

What is Fashion Business?

Fashion Business is a branch of fashion studies that deals with an extensive understanding of fashion in the business world, like marketing, buying, merchandising, writing, styling, and much more.

If you’re a fashion buff and love adding a pop of it to your everyday life, but don’t want to get into the design aspect, then building a career in Fashion Business is a perfect thing for you!

Pursuing a distinctive fashion degree program will expand your knowledge and expose you to the real world of fashion and its various departments.

Careers in the Fashion World

Finding your niche is the foremost step to knowing which department in the fashion industry excites you the most. It could be styling, marketing, branding, production & planning, creative direction, and much more. The field is vast, and the stage is all yours to explore!

Here are some high-paying careers in the fashion business that you can pursue other than design.

1.   Fashion Stylist

If you have a passion for creating different and unique styles using your wardrobe and have a flair for all things glam, then fashion stylist is your ultimate calling. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree course in Fashion Business will prepare you for the necessary skills and knowledge you need to become a professional fashion stylist.

You get to work on photoshoots, lookbooks, styling for film and television, music videos, and much more in this field. This is a rewarding career, and you get to grow as a stylist at every step.

2.   Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising is the perfect career option if you enjoy fashion in retail industries or fashion chains and are interested in designing store displays. The primary function of a visual merchandiser is to develop, create and implement in-store displays.

The average salary of a visual merchandiser is $50,385. This increases over time as your work portfolio and experience gets more vital in the industry, helping you reach higher managerial positions.

3.   Fashion Writer

If you have a talent for writing and want to pair it up with your passion for fashion, then you can aim at becoming a fashion writer or journalist. Fashion writers work and produce editorial copies for media outlets, fashion magazines, websites, and brands and write fashion blogs.

Fashion Writers can also choose to work as freelancers after gaining significant industry experience. It is also essential to build a strong network within the industry to collaborate with brands and designers.

4.   Fashion Public Relations

Representing fashion brands for media and television is one of the most exciting jobs. This is the role of a fashion public relations representative. PR specialists handle everything for a brand to increase its reputation and profitability.

The average salary of a fashion PR specialist is $57,077. PR representatives help build external relationships with media houses, consumers, investors, etc. Their job is to promote the brand or designer on all fronts.

Summing It Up

The world of fashion is dazzling, filled with vibrant colours and equally vibrant career opportunities for everyone. This is one of the most versatile and accommodating industries that requires talent and hard work and pays a subsequent reward.

If you wish to explore career opportunities in the fashion industry and are keen on learning it from scratch, this is the right opportunity for you. So, go ahead and grab it!

Author: Harry Jack

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