Your Guide For Telling Real Vs. Fake Jordans Apart

Air Jordans are a sneaker head’s dream. But the growing popularity of the sneaker opens the door to large counterfeit rings.

You can’t always tell the real from the fake. Here’s a guide to detecting real vs. fake Jordans whether you’re buying online or in person.

Real vs. Fake Jordans

Does it really matter if your Jordans are real or fake? Some people argue that shoes are shoes.

If you can’t tell, then it really doesn’t matter right? Just enjoy a pair of cool kicks adding a bit of drip to what you’re wearing.

The problem with fake Jordans is twofold. The biggest issue is a fraud.

You’re paying a certain amount of money for a brand, but you’re getting a copy of that brand in return. If you know the shoes are fake before you buy, this isn’t a big deal.

You have a choice and you can use that choice to choose what you want. But when counterfeit rings sell you fake sneakers, they’re taking away your ability to make a choice because they’ve already decided for you.

To them, you should pay the same cost for fake sneakers. This isn’t a copycat brand’s choice to make without your consent.

The next reason fake Jordan’s are problematic is that they can’t be resold. Any sneakerhead will tell you that reselling sneakers in top condition is a big deal.

It’s part of the reason its ok to spend most of your week’s pay on a pair of shoes. It’s an investment. 

If you get stuck with a pair of fake Jordans, you won’t earn your money back no matter how clean you keep them. 

How to Spot a Fake Sneaker

There are so many red flags that happen during a fake sneaker transaction. Just by paying close attention to these factors, you’ll save yourself time and money.


The main thing to look for is the quality of the stitching around the Air Jordan logo. Any imperfections are a sign your shoe might be fake.

For sneakers at this price point, you won’t find many mistakes in the production of the authentic air jordans.


Check your shopping source when you’re buying Air Jordans. Brands with a reputation to maintain won’t risk selling you a fake shoe.

They could risk major lawsuits from the brand if they’re ever caught. Try buying your sneakers only from reputable sellers who have a lot to lose. 


If you must buy your Air Jordans online, make sure the description makes sense. Some counterfeiters use misspelled words or alternate descriptions where it sounds like Air Jordans but they never actually say the name. 

Fake Jordans

It’s sad that you even have to think about real vs. fake Jordans when shopping. No one wants to be tricked out of their hard earned money when buying sneakers. 

But the market for counterfeit is big and growing. Protect yourself by sticking with top retailers who can replace your shoe if it turns out to be counterfeit. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates. 

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