Know how to look ravishing in a silk saree

Silk sarees are a rage these days. Be it a traditional occasion or a formal event; silk sarees can definitely make you look classy. The best way to glam up at any event is by draping a silk saree. Since silk sarees are shiny, you can wear them at cocktail parties, weddings, and any other traditional occasion.

If you’re keen on buying silk sarees for yourself, it is best to choose the latest designs. Then, you can rock silk sarees like a diva with different styling tips that we have in store for you.

  1. Wear an ideal blouse: The key to wearing a silk saree is pairing it with an ideal blouse. Your blouse should be a perfect fit that will take your entire look a few notches high. Raw silk blouses perfectly suit silk sarees, which should be your ideal choice. If your silk saree features intricate embroidery, you can settle for a plain raw silk blouse, and if your silk saree is plain, you can opt for a heavily embroidered blouse. The key is to maintain balance to nail your traditional look.
  2. Opt for bright colours: Since you’re buying silk sarees, it is ideal to settle for bright colours such as yellow, orange, red or navy blue. These colours look rich and will give your silk saree a natural glow, especially if they feature intricate golden embroidery.
  3. Wear the right petticoat: A petticoat acts as a base for a saree, so don’t make the rookie mistake by wearing a different coloured petticoat under your silk saree because of the difference will be visible. You can buy neutral coloured petticoats such as black, white or grey that can be paired with a dark coloured silk saree.
  4. Get the draping right: The only way you will look elegant in a silk saree is by draping it right. Make sure your pleats and the drape are perfect. Secure them with several safety pins, which shouldn’t poke into your skin or poke out of your saree. Think of safety pins as your little heroes who will save your day.
  5. Wear exquisite jewellery: To pull off an elegant look in your silk saree, you must wear exquisite jewellery. Kundan or Polki jewellery should be your best bet because they look elegant and classy. You can settle for a simple choker if you don’t want to wear heavy jewellery on your silk saree. A kundan or a Polki choker will make you look rich and classy. Since a silk saree looks heavy, ensure you accessorise your look to a minimum. Stay away from funky trends and quirky jewellery, and ensure that you keep your look subtle, so you look classy.

Make sure your silk saree is at the right length; it shouldn’t be too long or too short. Heels and wedges are not suitable for a silk saree; opt for stilettos, platform heels or even embroidered flats. To get a regal look, set your pallu after draping the saree. Wear down your hair straight, or style it in a low bun to keep your look chic and classy.

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