How to dress minimally this wedding season!

To you, what does the term “minimalist” imply? Colours that are white-washed, neutral, or plain? Or, to put it another way, possessing the allure of simplicity in words? You’re not alone, to be sure. It’s now mostly used to denote a certain modern look. One that prioritises white space, a monochromatic colour palette, and clean lines. However, it has a different meaning in terms of lifestyle. It’s all about only having what you require. There will be no surplus. There isn’t any clutter. Only the fundamentals are included. The essential items needed to get by. It’s a way of thinking we can get behind, especially when it comes to our closets. Imagine not having to worry about what to dress, confident in the assurance that you’ll be prepared for any situation. That’s what a minimalist wardrobe is all about. A wardrobe that has everything a man requires — and nothing he doesn’t. There’s no filler, no fads, just tried-and-true fundamentals that can always be counted on. Does that make sense? When it comes to creating your own, here’s all you need to know. Particularly during the wedding season!

  • The always perfect – white suit – Change up your usual black outfit by wearing a new colour. If the invitation specifies that you wear white, here is an outfit to consider. A formal white shirt and suit jacket is worn over black trousers are required for this monotone style. The black bowtie and boutonnière appear to be the ideal accessories. The boutonnière is a flowery embellishment that is worn in suits. It’s a popular choice for males during proms and weddings. Dressing in white as the groom’s best man might help the groom stand out in his colourful formal suit.
  • Indowestern look — South Asian fashion is known for its distinctiveness and ability to blend Western and Eastern styles. The circular hem on this Indo-Western fusion design Suit gives it a unique look. With the dark blue pantsuit, the gold trimming looks fantastic. Replace the typical Western outfit with an Indo-Western suit like this one at the next wedding to stand out, but with minimum effect.
  • Traditional kurta pyjama — A Kurta Pajama is a garment for men to wear at any traditional event, such as an Indian festival or a wedding. They are a timeless option, and the combination is difficult to go wrong with. Men of all body types look terrific in a smart kurtapyjama. Going for a monotone colour trend in these helps you seem dashing while also greatly increasing your charm.
  • Kurta jacket with everything formal – For a minimalist look during any wedding you can style a kurta jacket with just a plain shirt with trousers or on your kurta, pyjamas. These jackets, available in variants of shades can make you look celebration ready without overdoing the fashion in anyways.
  • The all-black formal wear — For a formal wedding event, opt for a black bow tie, black tuxedo, black tux shirt. Bright colours and neckties are more daring, but there are various ways to stand out. For a modern style, wear a tux shirt with a fold-down collar and accessories with subtle details like a pocket square, suspenders, or button studs.

Whether it is a modern wedding reception look with suits and ties, or a traditional one with a kurta jacket and sherwani, trying a minimalist fashion never fails. And now that you have this guide to help you out, we believe you will definitely do your best and kill the female crowd with that dashing look.

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