Feather fantasies of a Russian wig designer at Miami Swim Week 2022

The hottest annual Beach and Swimwear Week, Miami Swim Week 2022, has ended. Leading designers have come to Miami to present their new cruise and beach collections. Tatiana Shefer, the creator of the Shop fans wig brand of exclusive designer wigs from Russia, took part in styling eight beach fashion looks.

Tatiana Shefer’s candidacy was proposed by the organizers of the second most important American Fashion Week – Brooklyn Fashion Week, with which the Russian designer collaborated for several seasons and acted as a stylistic partner of fashion shows from 2017 to 2019. Experience in the segment of the production of exclusive wigs and a three-year collaboration with Brooklyn Fashion Week made Tatiana an expert in styling fashion images. In 2017, she already participated in the Pink Runway 2017 annual charity fashion show as a volunteer stylist. In collaboration with famous American designers, she prepared women who had overcome breast cancer to enter the pink catwalk. Now, on a recommendation from Brooklyn, Tatiana Shefer has been approved as a volunteer for the position of wig stylist for Miami Swim Week 2022. The management of Miami Swim Week was impressed by the wig collections of the Shop fans wig brand and the Russian stylist’s innovative approach, creativity, and style. Her candidacy was immediately approved, and Tatiana voluntarily prepared exclusive wigs and head jewelry for eight fashion looks at Miami Beach Fashion Week.

The Shop fans wig brand was founded by Tatiana Shefer in 2015, and in a few years, the brand awareness has grown internationally. The uniqueness of designer wigs lies in the individual approach to developing each product and using modern technologies. Shefer was one of the first to introduce innovations in the production cycle of wig production – in particular, the breakthrough technologies novice liberty and modules are not on templates but exclusive wigs made from natural hair. It is important to note that in the last few seasons, wigs have become a real hit on the list of current fashion trends. Star stylists not only use this fashion accessory when creating images of top models, theater and film actors, and show business artists but also actively offer them to their clients for a quick change of image and everyday styling. Among the fans of Shop fans wig brand wigs, there are many well-known names, both Russian and foreign – more than two tens of thousands of exclusively created wigs have already scattered throughout the cities of Russia, America, Ukraine, and some European countries. Now in Miami – at Miami Swim Week 2022.

According to Tatiana Shefer, participating in the most famous Beach Fashion Week as a volunteer stylist is an excellent opportunity to work with favorite designers and replenish your professional portfolio with original wig samples. Professional catwalk shows allow you to create unique products. Due to well-known political events and the ensuing difficulties with air travel from Russia to America, Tatiana could not personally attend the event. While in Moscow, she and her professional team prepared fabulous wigs and head jewelry – Tatiana Shefer’s eight feather fantasies called “Birds of Paradise” made a splash at Miami Swim Week 2022. The presented mini-collection is based on feathers. Feathers have come to the fore this season of all the animalistic trends in fashion design. Even in the most ordinary image, they bring a holiday, lightness, and seduction with their spectacle – it is difficult to imagine something more harmonious for stunning beach improvisations. Tatiana already had experience working with feathers for the world of haute couture – her “Birds of Paradise” made a loud debut in March 2017 at Brooklyn Fashion Week, raised a wave of rave reviews, and in December of the same year “flew” too hot climes – to the most status international art-fair Art Basel Miami Beach 2017. As soon as Tatiana’s candidacy was approved, she immediately began work. She studied the concept of the designer collections that she had to stylize and began experimenting with form and color. A brilliant result of designer improvisations were eight exclusive complex images, and feathers became their main highlight. Shefer was not only able to develop and present unique content but also made every effort to ensure that her creations could be safe and sound in Miami just in time. She justified the trust in her – she demonstrated high professionalism and proved with her creativity that art and fashion are out of politics. The past fashion event was one of the world’s brightest swimwear and beachwear shows. And there is great merit in this and the designer of exclusive wigs, Tatiana Shefer.

Author : Alex

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