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What Is Dirty Blonde Hair?

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a blonde-meets-brown hue that has tones of wheat (or you could say dirt) in it. Dirty blonde hair looks particularly amazing with golden, warm skin tones, while cooler blonde colors, like platinum blonde, look stunning with paler, pinker skin tones—though we wouldn’t say this is a one-size-fits-all rule. Keep in mind that the darker your starting color, the more work it’ll take to achieve a dirty blonde hair color. If you have light brown hair, you may be able to get dirty blonde hair at home, but if you’re a darker brunette, it’s probably a good idea to visit a professional colorist. It could even take multiple sessions to get the color you’re after, as anytime you lighten your hair, you’ll need to bleach it first.

If you’re not a natural blonde and have been toying with the idea of lightening up your hair color, you likely know how big of a commitment it is. Instead of switching to a super-light shade of blonde hair, like platinum blonde, why not try something a little dirtier? We’re talking about dirty blonde hair. Dirty blonde hair color makes for the perfect transitional shade from dark to blonde—and it’s one hair color that you can get at home. Keep reading to find out what exactly dirty blonde hair looks like, 15 dirty blonde hair color ideas (including dirty blonde highlights and balayage), and tips for taking care of your new, dirty hue since color-treated hair requires special care.

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Dirty Blonde Hair
Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Golden Dirty Blonde Hair

This dirty blonde hairstyle features contrasting darker ash and lighter honey yet seamlessly melted together that gives you that California beach babe vibes. It’s a softer and warmer version that looks sexy on a blunt cut medium-length straight hair. The ash shade is what makes this dirty blonde hair color. Haircare is important to maintain the vibrant color.

All-Over Cool Blonde

If you want to go on the cooler side, try an all-over light, silvery, cool blonde that is a refreshing take on the classic honey blonde. This neutral, pearly tone compliments cooler skin tones.

Dark Dishwater Blonde

This dark dishwater blonde hair is more brunette than a blonde. This may be an ideal hair color for those in the process of growing out their natural hair to blend existing, grown-out highlights.

Blonde Color Melt

Contrasting cool, warm, and dark blonde highlights create a dramatic, yet natural, effect. This color melt of darks and lights gives the hair dimension and appears overall lighter or darker in different settings and light.

Dark Roots with Honey Highlights

Get a natural face-brightening effect by adding strategically placed highlights in a honey blonde hue. Add a thin layer of honey highlights on the surface of your hair to naturally blend into your darker brown hair or blonde for an all-over, flattering, sunkissed look.

Dirty Blonde Hair Men

Across the world, there is no denying the charm and allure of blonde-haired men. From short polished cuts and expertly groomed pompadours to rugged man buns and bold buzz cuts, there are an endless variety of ways to style fair hair. Ultimately, whether you’re a surfer or a businessman, a celebrity or a Viking god, blonde hair is a striking option for any man. When it comes to choosing the shade of blonde and haircut that best suits your personality and lifestyle, you will find that you are spoilt for choice. To help you navigate this field of options, we’re here to reveal the best blonde hairstyles for men.

Short Blonde Hair

Add an element of sophistication to your blonde locks this season with a short, sharp new haircut. If Prince Charming were to enter the 21st century, we can guarantee he’d be rocking this blonde hairdo. Whether you’re moving from the office to the bar or traveling along the beach or the mountains, this versatile look will ensure you look stylish in any setting. The shorter length will also emphasize masculine features, drawing attention to chiseled cheekbones and strong jawlines.

Dirty Blonde Hair Men
Dirty Blonde Hair Men

Long Blonde Hair

When it comes to long blonde hair, Rapunzel isn’t the only one who can win hearts with this look. Men across the world are following the lead of Chris Hemsworth’s undeniably charming and confident character Thor and embracing this powerful look. As a result, we recommend following the otherworldly Avenger’s lead and pairing your long, light locks with a rugged beard.

Medium Length Blonde Hair

Medium-length blonde hairstyles have also been trending strongly in recent years. Versatile and handsome, medium hairstyles like the comb over, slick back, and quiff allow guys to style many different looks. For maximum styling control, make sure to apply a product with a stronghold.

Blonde Fade Haircut

The blonde fade haircut is the best way to cut a guy’s hair on the sides. The blonde fade is the foundation of most short sides, long top hairstyles because it focuses attention on how the hair is styled. And because there are numerous different types of fade haircuts, guys can tailor their cut to their unique sense of style. From the high skin fade to the low taper fade, blonde fade hairstyles are popular in barbershops around the world.

Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde

Amanda Seyfried’s honey-toned hair has always been gloriously long and natural-looking. Her secret? Saying no to heat styling. “To feel myself, I need to look the most natural as I can”, she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Dirty Blonde

After a brief stint in the platinum playground, T-Swizzle is embracing a more dirty blonde again – and we love it. The key to pulling off this more natural shade (without it looking ‘mousey’) is to have a seamless blend of high and lowlights. It also helps to style it sleek and glossy, over matte and textured. Try these shiny hair hacks.

Créme blonde

If you want your blonde to look as natural as possible (even once your roots start to show), Sam Burnett, Owner & Creative Director at Hare & Bone says to go for a ‘créme blonde‘. ‘It’s not as white as platinum, but not as golden as honey, it’s more on the natural side, but still cool-toned and just beautiful for this time of year’.

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