7 Tips To Rock The Goth Look

Black – that’s pretty much the first personality trait that comes to mind when describing the gothic aesthetic. However, that’s not it. Goth fashion is all about breaking the mold and standing out. Sure, it’s a bit dark, but at the same time, it’s homogenous, enigmatic, and above all, unique – in a moody sort of way.

Today, goth-inspired outfits have taken a tide’s turn, and various styles have been reinvented in the streets and on the runway. Gothmania is all around, and you don’t necessarily have to sport dark eyeliner, black lipstick, black fingernails, and multiple piercings to rock the look. All it takes is the right amount of inspiration, a few statement pieces, and, well, something dark to dress like a goth without looking like Frankenstein’s cousin!

Since gothic fashion has a lot to offer, it can be tough to figure out how you should fashionably express your dark behavior. So if you’re looking to dip your feet into the pond or already know the culture but need some advice to spruce things up a bit, we can help. So here’s a rundown of all the tips you need to keep in mind when trying to nail a goth look.

  1. Accessorize like a true Goth

You can’t call yourself a true Goth without soaking yourself in a pool of the right accessories. Gothic jewelry is unique from traditional owing to dark motives and catchy designs. Moreover, Goths love to adorn their fingers with different rings, including gothic rings, skull rings and full-finger rings covering almost the entire length, phalanx rings, or claw rings. However, at the same time, your accessories do not have to feature a dark element. You can even wear a single-banded wrist accessory, black glasses, pouches, bracelets, or a stringy wristband that matches your outfits.Also, the ability to match a gothic outfit with the appropriate accessories earns you the title of perfect Goth chic.

  1. Your tops and bottoms matter

The corset is the most traditional gothic top. Once upon a time, the corset was a one-of-a-kind component of a gothic ensemble. Other gothic tops were later created to add a unique touch to a gothic outfit. While some fabrics are knits, leather brings out an authentic look and feel.Furthermore, garter bras or full-body garters can make you look like a sexually appealing Goth lady. Hoods can also be used to dress up as a Goth. Just remember to stay in the maroon velvet or plain back top with black tights or shorts lane.

When it comes to choosing bottoms, you can never go wrong with a pair of leather pants. Furthermore, black skirts or pants and black stockings will help complete the gothic look. Asymmetric skirts, denim, peplums, jumpers, drapes, or shorts are some other options. So choose your fighter.

  1. The footwear

The best thing about gothic footwear is how simple it is. You have a lot of options, and one of them is platform boots. They’re an excellent substitute for ankle boots, high tops, and stilettos. If platform boots aren’t your thing, try edgy leather shoes. You can wear whatever you want if it’s laced, zipped, or slipped on. Just ensure they look threatening. If you wish, you can accessorize your boots with spikes and buckles.

  1. Style and dye your hair

Jet black is typically used as the base color for a gothic look. Still, you can add highlights with another bright color. The highlights will add a bit of glitz to your dark gothic ensemble. It will stand out, especially if you are dressed entirely in black. Colors like green, gray, and blue are great for rocking your gothic style. You could also experiment with ombre and pastels. Furthermore, dare to experiment with some unusual hairstyles that complement your gothic look. A side fringe, frizzy ponytails, or double buns are some excellent ideas.

Lastly, a black bouffant hairstyle taller than a grand oak tree is the ‘piece de resistance’ of any gothic outfit. Beginners should not try this because it is for someone on the Jedi end of the Goth spectrum. Remember that it can take a lot of hairsprays to get the exact level of lift, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll dry out your precious follicles.

  1. Dark makeup, duh

Yes, indeed! In gothic fashion, black lipstick is a time-honored tradition. You can also balance all black on black by wearing maroon or dark-purplish lipstick. Black lipstick can make you stand out if you have a bare neck or brightly colored hair. Although basic black is always the go-to color for gothic fashion, deep reds, darker blues, and dusty greys can also be used for smoky eye makeup. Use brown, blue, or black eyeliners and highly contoured cheeks as part of your Goth makeup.

Now that you know the importance of highlighting your eyes and face, don’t forget about your brows. On the runway, we’re starting to see many brow adornments with crystals, sequins, and glitter. Statement brows add a lot of drama, especially when paired with dark hair and stark white clothing. If you don’t have a complete set of piercings, consider adding some brow accents instead.

  1. Collared shirts 

We know this should’ve been mentioned in the “tops” section, but that would just undermine the importance of collared shirts in gothic fashion.

Without a doubt, collared shirts are the staple of gothic fashion. You can wear them without or with sleeves. This ensemble is especially useful for days when you only want to wear one piece of upper body clothing without feeling too exposed or flashy. And of course, black is always a necessity, but two-tone shirts with a whitetail will look remarkable with black stockings.

  1. If you have tattoos, show em’

As part of the overall Goth culture, many Goths love to beautify their entire bodies with tattoos. That said, your clothes, makeup, gthic jewelry, and tattoos will all contribute to your overall appearance, with the tattoos typically reflecting the nocturnal and dark scenes on your body.

Simply said, tattoos are encouraged in this subculture (not uncommon today, but still!). So flaunt them! Wear things that highlight your tattoos and show them off to the universe like a badge.


Though we’ve only scratched the surface, these tips will be enough to help you achieve that steaming hot gothic look. Dressing up like a Goth does not mean you have to follow traditions set years ago, nor does it mean “horror.” It refers to dramatic elegance and seduction. Follow these tips to rock your look, and if you need to look to others for inspiration, do it. Just take note of the basic dress-up guidelines and pair them with something goth-friendly to create a trendy look for yourself. The trick is to ensure that black plays a leading role in your ensemble. You can even wear a red dress, provided that you pair it with black heels or a black blazer. So what are you waiting for? Get your goth on!

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