5 Secrets To Save More Money At Walmart

Walmart is known to provide shoppers with the best value on whatever they shop for. With their ‘Save Money, Live Better’ motto, the superstore promises shoppers to offer exceptional deals, competitive pricing, and an array of good-quality products to choose from. Also known as America’s largest grocery chain, Walmart displays discount groceries and marked-down products. As a result, people rush to the store daily in order to bag the best deals and save money. 

However, just because Walmart boasts discount products and savvy deals, don’t think there aren’t more money-saving hacks. Here, we have come up with five secrets that will help you save even more while shopping at the Walmart store near you.

Use Walmart App For Shopping:

Walmart has an app where you can find the best deals on quality products. The Walmart app is free to download from the Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you can explore thousands of products within the app in the local Walmart store, as well as in the other Walmart branches. 

The app will send you weekly alerts on rollbacks, sales, and in-store specials, so you won’t miss out on anything. If you don’t like staying in the store longer and often overspend, shopping online is the best bet. Plus, you can look at the Walmart flyers, coupon books online and create your shopping list based on what’s trending. The best thing is, you can go through exclusive product catalogs and sales offers early during the holiday season.

Price Match Things For Big Savings:

Shoppers mostly forget about price matching to save money. However, you can take advantage of this even if you are shopping online. For example, if you are shopping for groceries online, Walmart matches Amazon or many other large grocery stores. Walmart guarantees that shoppers get their goods at the lowest price. This trick applies not only to grocery shopping but to other things also, like electronics, furniture, etc. You just need to have time to compare prices.

Save Money From Price Drops:

Suppose you buy an item on Monday, but you find on Thursday that the price of the item has been dropped. Take your sales receipt along, and you will be able to reimburse the difference. This trick works for any item you buy from the store. Just make sure that the price drop occurred within seven days of your first purchase. So, be vigilant to find the deals and make the most out of your shopping.

Leverage Grocery Pick-Up:

Do you live near Walmart that offers free grocery pickup? If yes, you can take advantage of grocery pick-up. While it seems effortless to fill up the online shopping cart and find deals, grocery pick-up is the option if you want to avoid the delivery fee. You can pick goods up for free and get the shopping done for you even if you are not present in the store. This shopping tip helps you save both money and time. 

Shop For Groceries In The Morning:

Walmart operates 24×7. The aisles get restocked quickly and are shifted many times a day. Generally, the stock gets turned over during the morning. This means grocery shopping in the morning is the best time to pick the best quality items, like meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other perishables. Keep an eye on these things before the deals get closed.

So, these are some of the smart grocery shopping hacks that can help you save money.

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