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4 Trendy Scrunchie Hairstyles for Fall 2020

When it comes to scrunchies, a hairstyle can either make or break your entire look. With the global hair accessories market size skyrocketing each year, it’s clear that scrunchies are a trend that won’t ever fade.

Do you have a collection of colorful scrunchies lying around? Are you unsure of how to style your hair with them? Their power goes beyond the everyday ponytail.

Whether you like to keep things cool and simple or are a total beauty diva, your superfluous scrunchies can upgrade your look. Keep up with Fall 2020 fashion by learning how to rock these scrunchie hairstyles!

1. The Half-Up Ponytail

Wanna spice up your everyday hairstyle just a little?

Aim for the half-up ponytail which is a cute, chic, and flirty do achieved by sectioning off the top part of your hair from the bottom. Use a scrunchie to put the top section in a ponytail while leaving the hair beneath that section down.

Searching for a high-quality scrunchie that won’t crease your hair? Your next favorite scrunchie will be a silk one—see more here to buy the world’s most luxurious scrunchie!

2. The Messy Bun

What’s fall without cozy oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and messy buns? This upcoming season, don’t throw your hair up into a high messy bun with a regular elastic; instead, pair it with a terracotta, burgundy, slate, or cream scrunchie.

To achieve the perfect messy bun, flip your hair over so that it hangs upside down and then use your scrunchie to wrap around it. Once your hair is up in a high bun, look in the mirror and tug out pieces or adjust until you’re satisfied.

3. The Half Bun

The effortlessly sexy half bun is totally in this fall, so try it with a scrunchie! Simply section off the top part of your hair and twist it into a loose bun with a scrunchie. Then, brush out the hair underneath and leave it down.

If you’re feeling up to it, try using a scrunchie that has ribbon tails attached. It will give your hairstyle a little extra flare.

4. The Low Pony

Girls have been rocking the scrunchie low pony for the past couple of weeks, and this trend is sure to continue into the autumn season.

This hairstyle is laidback, cool, and casual, but it’s also very cute when done right. For this one, make sure your hair is completely brushed out. If you’re working with second or third-day hair, spray in a dry shampoo to keep things fresh.

Then gather your hair at the lowest part of your crown and twist it loosely into a scrunchie. Feel free to pull out a few strands from above your ears so you don’t look so slicked-back!

Try These Scrunchie Hairstyles This Season

Scrunchies are the perfect hair accessories to elevate your look while sticking to this year’s trends. If you like any of these scrunchie hairstyles, you definitely need to wear them this fall. 

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