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Anime Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hunter X Hunter

There are few movies or TV shows that garner unanimous love and admiration like Hunter X Hunter. Even in non-anime circles like Rotten Tomatoes, it gets a 95% audience approval rating.

Before properly getting into specific anime facts, it’s important to know one thing. This show remains popular because of the creator’s characters having such completely fleshed out personalities and three-dimensional aspects. In fact, in a way, he puts a facet of himself into every character.

Many shows have spiffy animation and cool abilities. But Yoshihiro Togashi, the mangaka who created the series, wanted it to go deeper and touch people more powerfully than supplying only eye-candy.

Keep that in mind while you keep reading these top 10 little-known facts.

1. The Creator of Sailor Moon Applied Screen Tones For the Manga

Yoshihiro does almost all of his work by himself as a mangaka and for his anime TV shows. He’s also the creator of now three top anime shows which also are called the best anime shows around.

Still, one man can’t always do it all. Yoshihiro did allow one person to assist him repeatedly.

That person is Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon. Naoko’s characters can be seen as visual influences at times in Hunter X Hunter, such as with Kalluto Zoldyck of the family of assassins, and Killua’s brother.

Naoko applied screen tones to Yoshihiro’s pages as his assistant. Before the first volume was published she decided to assist him in life, too, by marrying him.

2. The Protagonists All Have Significant Birthdays

Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika all have significant birthdays, often matching a date of significance in the real world. Even Hisoka, a fan-favorite sometimes-protagonist-sometimes-antagonist has an important date of birth.

Killua’s birthday is July 7th, corresponding to Tanabata. Tanabata is a festival also known as the Star Festival. It originated in Qiqiao festival in China, and celebrates the meeting of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair).

Gon’s birthday, May 5th also coincides with a holiday. Children’s Day in Japan and South Korea celebrates the happiness of all children as well as show thanks to their mothers.

Leorio’s birthday falls on March 3rd, in time for Hinamatsuri. Hinamatsuri is a tribute to the ancient Heian period court, represented by dolls on a red-cloth ornamented series of platforms.

Kurapika’s birthday is a bit more macabre, however. In Asian countries, especially those with a Chinese cultural background, the number “four” represents death because of the two words being pronounced nearly identically. Because of Kurapika’s obsession with vengeance, it’s fitting that his birthday is April 4th.

3. The Story Was Influenced By Togashi Becoming A Dad

After marrying Naoko Takeuchi, the two soon after welcomed a new addition to their family. The story about Gon Freeccs is about him searching for his father and following in his footsteps. It’s only natural that Yoshihiro’s new experiences as a father would influence his story.

He believed that having a son would be an influence on the manga, but he never realized how much.

His son was born in 2000, and his daughter in 2009. The names of the children have never been released to the public.

4.The Written Language is Japanese With A Twist

Many people don’t know there are 200 languages known in the world of Hunter X Hunter. Some of them are only really cool abstract patterns, like the Divine Script and Mysterious Inscriptions.

These inscriptions affect Nen usage by enhancing it, or making an item durable or giving it special abilities. Some examples would be the Greed Island game (learn more about H game) and things in it, as well as the Greed Island rings the players wear.

Also Wing’s promise string, and Ging’s iron box use it.

The one language that you can read, however, is the primary language of the world. Using a substitution cipher, it merely replaces Japanese kana. Japanese kana consists of katakana and hiragana writing systems.

If you can read those and know the corresponding glyphs in Hunter x Hunter, you can certainly learn how to read it.

5. Kurapika Is The Only Character With Two Nen Types

Kurapika is a fan-favorite for many reasons, but even a lot of fans miss this one.

Kurapika is part of a people known as the Kurta Clan, and the only known survivor of a genocidal act of the Phantom Troupe.

Every user of Nen in Hunter X Hunter can fall into any of the five categories of Nen types. Unless, of course, you’re Kurapika.

It’s unknown if this was the case with all Kurta Clan members or some other reason, but Kurapika has access to two Nen types. As a Kurta Clan member, his eyes glow red in certain emotional states. He’s learned how to make it happen on command, however.

When his eyes glow red, he becomes a Specialist Nen user, which opens the whole tree of Nen types up to him. Normally, Kurapika is a Conjurer.

The way Kurapika uses this ability is to conjure his chain weapons. He’s put special conditions on himself and his Nen abilities to use certain chain weapons for specific tasks. These weapons and abilities can only be used against Phantom Troupe members on pain of death.

6. The “X” is Silent

The origin of the silent X is a mystery to some fans, and many don’t know it’s silent at all.

Togashi once explained that he wanted to name the series “Something Hunter.” While he ended up naming a character “Nanika,” which means “something,” he gave up on naming the series that after watching a variety show called Downtown.

During the show, hosts repeated several words for humor. Liking it, Togashi decided to simply double “Hunter” and add an “X” to signify a space between words in the world’s fictional alphabet.

7. Gon’s Name Predicts His Nen Abilities

Many of the names characters have in popular anime shows describe their abilities as well. Gon isn’t much different, since his name in Japanese, “ゴン/ごん”, or “gon” is an onomatopoeia to indicate someone’s been hit with a lot of force. Similar to how “Pow” “Zipf” “Bam” and others were used in comics in the past, mangakas use “Gon” to indicate this.

This time, though it predicts his Rock, Paper, Scissors ability, in which Gon hits something really really hard!

8. Hisoka Is Even More Perverted Than You Thought

Hisoka is kind of a gross character. He gains sexual pleasure from battle and imagining the latent power of Gon and Killua, among others.

In one scene, though, when he’s goading Illumi, he asks if he can “kill Killua.” What many people miss is the hand gesture with his thumb sticking out between the middle and ring fingers.

This gesture references lewd acts of sexual acts and was used regularly in Japan until around 1989.

Illumi was successfully angered by this, losing control of his aura. This tipped off Killua and allowed him to escape for a time. Whether Hisoka really wants to do unsettling things with Killua is doubtful, since his pleasure comes from combat and killing.

9. Even Though the Series “Finished” It Isn’t Over

Hunter X Hunter has officially finished as an anime show. However, it isn’t really finished, as Yoshihiro has already stated that he has a need and desire to finish writing Hunter X Hunter as a top anime show.

In fact, he even goes so far as to say there could be as many as four more arcs to finish.

Make sure to buy Hunter X Hunter merch to show Yoshihiro your support and cheer him on. We need him to finish, despite his many hiatuses!

10. Nen Is Often Rated As The Best Power System in All of Anime

Nen is a power system in the world of Hunter X Hunter, but it isn’t only for fighting. Any genius-level individual could develop or unconsciously use Nen in enhancing their craft.

Examples of this include:

  • Benny Delon a blacksmith and murderer
  • Neon Nostrade a fortune teller
  • Mukatolini a lithographer
  • Zepile a maker of duplicate or counterfeit items
  • Komugi a world champion of a fictional game called Gungi

We’ve already broached it, but there are five types of Nen. The types are Enhancement, Conjuroring, Manipulation, Specialization, and Transmutation. Mixing the forms gives even different effects.

There are several ways to divine what type of Nen someone has, and many neutral techniques for using it such as Gyo, In, En, Shu, Ko, Ken, Ryu, and potentially more.

These techniques are all based on the four principles of Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu.

As you can see it’s not just complex but allows for an unlimited amount of flexibility and adaptation in the story. You could write a Ph.D. dissertation on Nen and still scratch the surface of its potential in the anime world.

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